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Wedding Gown Pressing

Telluride Eco Cleaners specializes in pressing wedding gowns prior to your special day.  Please note, we do not clean wedding gowns pror to the wedding. 

Wedding Gown Cleaning

No matter how hard you partied in your wedding gown, Telluride Eco Cleaners has partenered with one of the oldest, most trusted wedding dress cleaners, Arrow Fabricare.  Just drop off your gown, or request a pick up and we will take care of the rest. Just visiting? No problem, we can ship the dress to you once it is clean.

Wedding Dress Preservation

We have partenered up Arrow Fabricare, nationally known for it's Bridal Heirlooming System, their preservation system is the best in the country! Sounds compicated?  In brief, Arrow will professionally clean and press your gown, removing soil and "invisible" stains that, given time, will ruin fine fabrics, trims and decorations. Then, to prevent years of stress to shoulder seams from hanging, Arrow carefully packages your gown in a custom-designed, triple-sealed bridal gown package. It has a heavy, sealed plastic window to allow you to view your dress, but the chest is tightly sealed to protect fabric from air, sunlight, moisture and insects. The gown will remain in top condition until such time as you wish it to be removed once again.

Not local? No problem. Telluride Eco Cleaners will have the gown shipped back to your home when it is completed.


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