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Gaea is available Wednesdays,

9am-3:30pm upstairs from

Eco Cleaners.  

She is also available by appointment.  

As always items that don't need detailed instruction with

Gaea can be left at

Eco Cleaners.  

Telluride Eco Cleaners is pleased to introduce our new seamstress,

Gaea Bailey.

Gaea has extensive sewing experience, spanning over 30 years.  She worked in professional theater and opera for 12 years, traveling the country to costume various shows (design, cut, build, and wardrobe).  Gaea began sewing as a child while left unattended with her mother’s sewing machine; soon she moved on from making sleeping bags for her dolls to supervised sewing classes at the local 4H club.  By the time Gaea was a pre-teen, she was making her own clothes and helping her mom with canvas covers for boats.  She’s made several wedding dresses for close friends, and is known for taking thread and needle to weddings just in case.  Gaea is thrilled to now be working within the local community at Telluride Eco Cleaners!

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